CHIP Provider Enrollment Claim Denial Alert (PDF)

Clarification of Opioid Continuing Education Requirement Under ABC-MAP* (PDF)

Act 6 of 2018 Reporting of Sanctions and Criminal Proceedings, Suspension and Civil Penalties (PDF)

Auxiliary Personnel Registration (PDF)

Fentanyl Safety Recommendations (PDF)

Verification of Opioid Education for Applications and Renewals Submitted After July 1, 2017 (PDF)

 Act 31 of 2014 Mandated Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting

General Announcements

Board Adopts USMLE Policy Regarding Maximum Limit of Four Attempts as of January 1, 2021 (PDF)

Pennsylvania's New Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

PDMP System Vendor Transition

Naloxone Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Naloxone Prescription for Overdose Prevention (Standing Order DOH-002-2016) (PDF)

Naloxone for Opioid Safety - A Provider's Guide to Prescribing to Patients Who Use Opioids (PDF)

Naloxone Standing Order Prescription Letter for Pharmacists (PDF)

Letter to Veteran's Administration Hospitals Regarding Licensure Verifications (PDF)

X-Ray Equipment Operator Refresher Training Requirement (PDF)

Medical​ Board Credentials Verification Fact Sheet (PDF)

Written Agreements Insurance Requirement (PDF)

Clarification Regarding Professional Liability Insurance for PAC's (PDF)

Number of Physician Assistants Supervised by Physician (PDF)

Supervising Physician and Written Agreement Change Form updates

Phys. Asst - Approval of Federation Credentials Verification Services (PDF)

Pennsylvania Health Alert Network (PDF)

CRNP - Death Certificates

Board Recognition of International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) (PDF)

PA Patient Safety Anonymous Reporting (PDF)

National Transportation Safety Board - Safety Recommendations I-41-1 and -2 (PDF)

Notice - Act 6 of 2018 Expungement Provisions (PDF)

 50 State Comparison Report: A Comparison of State Occupational Licensure Requirements and Processes.

Physician Reporting 

PennDOT's Medically Impaired Reporting Program

PennDOT's Physician Reporting Requirements


Elder Abuse Prevention Guides

Elder Financial Abuse Prevention (PDF)

Elder Abuse Guide (PDF)

Senior Safe Web (PDF)