School Safety Resources

The State Police works with parents, students, and school staff. Our goal is to keep schools safe and secure. PSP offers several popular programs and resources at no cost.

Active shooter preparedness, Run, Hide, Fight

PSP offers a classroom-based presentation that prepares individuals for an active shooter situation. The discussion focuses on:

  • Mental strategies and response tactics
  • Active shooter incidents, statistics and trends
  • The basics of the federally-suggested actions of Run, Hide, Fight.

This presentation may be most appropriate for school staff and administration. To schedule a presentation, contact your local Community Services Officer.

Cyberbullying and other safety presentations for students

Community Services Officers offer no-cost training, such as:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Internet/social media safety
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Driver education

Contact the Community Services Officer in your area to schedule a presentation.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Team (RVAT)

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Domestic Security Division, administers the RVAT program. The RVAT program provides in-depth security vulnerability assessments to improve the security of buildings and facilities.

RVAT personnel are State Troopers trained on various assessment procedures regarding physical security, threat analysis, and more.

For more information, visit the RVAT service page or read the latest RVAT Commissioner's Report.