​Water Safety - Memorial Day Weekend 2022

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


The video poster shows Department Public Information Officer Corporal Brent Miller and Lt. Colonel Tom Burrell of the PA Fish & Boat Commission standing near a river boat launch, holding life jackets.

Corporal Miller and Lt. Colonel Burrell are near the boat launch at Fort Hunter Mansion & Park, Dauphin County. The Susquehanna river and far shore are in the background.

Corporal Miller: Hi. I’m Corporal Brent Miller with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Lt. Colonel Burrell: And I’m Lt. Colonel Burrell with the PA Fish & Boat Commission.

Corporal Miller: Boating and swimming are great ways to spend the summer with family and friends.

A close-up of Corporal Miller.

But before heading out to the nearest body of water, here are some safety tips for you and your children.

A sandy lakeshore. There are people on the beach.

First, never swim or boat alone.

Three kayakers paddle on a lake.

There’s safety in numbers,

A child swimming near shore in a river kicks his feet and splashes water.

and never leave children unattended in or around the water.

Lt. Colonel Burrell is seen in close-up.

Lt. Colonel Burrell: Remember, every boating adventure starts with wearing your life jacket,

A close up of a life jacket being zipped up. A boat on a river is seen with multiple people wearing life jackets.

Life jackets save lives, and PA law requires all boats

A kayaker and a dog are in a kayak on a lake.

to have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on board.

A man is fishing with a child in a boat. They are in the Susquehanna River. The Rockville bridge is seen in the background.

Passengers 12 years old and younger must wear a life jacket on boats,

Two children paddle a canoe on a lake. A boat is seen in the background. The scene switches to a child paddling in the front of a canoe, wearing a life jacket. They are going under a bridge and they are about to paddle into another part of a lake, seen ahead.

less than 20 feet in length and when riding in or operating canoes and kayaks.

Corporal Miller is seen close-up.

Corporal Miller: Know that swimming in the currents of a river or lake is more difficult than swimming in a pool.

Children are playing and laughing in the water near a lakeside beach.

If you’re caught in a strong current, don’t fight it.

Water gurgles as the scene turns into a first-person view of someone swimming.

Stay calm and swim or float parallel to the shore until you can get free.

A close-up of Lt. Colonel Burrell.

Lt. Colonel Burrell: Keep an eye on the weather, especially those fast moving summer storms.

Thunder cracks as rain falls on a lake.

If you spot dark clouds or lightning, pack up and take the fun indoors.

A boater steers his craft on a lake. He is wearing a life jacket. Various kayakers paddle on a river, while one climbs into his kayak. The scene changes to a PA Fish & Boat watercraft coming into dock.

And finally, never operate a boat after drinking alcohol or riding with someone who has.

Corporal Miller and Lt. Colonel Burrell at the boat launch at Fort Hunter.

Wherever you enjoy the water, have fun and be safe.

Corporal Miller: Take along these tips and use common sense to help keep your summer sunny and safe.