Independence Day 2022

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


A graphic with American flag design elements reads "Independence Day 2022, Stay Safe PA!". Dip to black. Captain Mark Magyar is speaking at a podium during a press conference in West Fairview, Cumberland County, PA. In the background are the Susquehanna River and the far shore.

Captain Mark Magyar: As we prepare for the upcoming Independence Day holiday, keeping the roads of the Commonwealth safe is one of the core functions of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Residents and visitors to the Commonwealth are reminded this upcoming holiday season to exercise caution and be patient while traveling. Our troopers will be on patrol looking for aggressive drivers and impaired drivers.

Whether your travels take you on a roadway or waterway, or on a trail, driving under the influence is a serious crime that is 100% preventable. Unfortunately, too many people are still not getting the message. During the four-day Independence Day travel period in 2021, Troopers made 503 DUI arrests and investigated four alcohol-related fatal crashes.

Penalties for DUI may include thousands of dollars in fines and court costs, a possible license suspension and even prison time.

Do us all a favor and please designate a driver, use a rideshare program, take a cab, or establish another plan to get home safely if your upcoming holiday plans involve alcohol. It’s just not worth the risk.

Remember to slow down, move over for emergency responders and be patient as traffic will be heavier than normal during the holiday weekend.

The holiday graphic is shown again. Fade to black.