Ask Trooper Brent 076 - Clean Off the Snow

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


[Intro music - distorted electric guitar chords]

SERIES INTRO SEQUENCE: The words #ASK TROOPER BRENT appear onscreen from various directions. The background includes scenes from previous ATB episodes, including: Trooper Brent being hassled by a zombie from a Halloween episode; Trooper Brent in front of a school bus; Trooper Brent running with a flashlight, headlamp and a bright shirt; Trooper Brent sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; and Trooper Brent installing a child passenger safety seat. A cursor arrow appears from bottom right and clicks on the words #ASK TROOPER BRENT. The arrow exits to the upper left. The words and background blur and fade to black. A Pennsylvania State Police patch fades in.

Corporal Brent Miller is standing beside a roadway. Snow is covering the trees and ground in the background.

Corporal Miller: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Trooper Brent. I'm Corporal Brent Miller. We received your questions.

The following words appear onscreen and are highlighted as they are spoken.

What’s up with the new law on clearing snow off of your vehicle?

Corporal Miller beside the snowy roadway.


Corporal Miller is clearing all the snow from a vehicle in a timelapse video that makes the action very fast.

You now have to make reasonable efforts to remove all snow and ice from your entire vehicle within 24 hours after the winter event ends. This law applies to personal vehicles and commercial vehicles. Failure to clear off your vehicle can result in you being stopped by the police and being issued a $50 fine. Increased penalties also occur when snow or ice falls off your vehicle and causes death or serious bodily injury to a pedestrian or other occupants in another vehicle.

A snowy effect dips to white.

So remember, clean off all the snow before you go. If you have a question, post in our comments below, use #AskTrooperBrent on Twitter or send us an email. We’ll see you next time. For Ask Trooper Brent, I’m Corporal Brent Miller with the PA State Police.

Corporal walks toward camera and off screen right, blurring out of focus. The background blurs and the PSP patch appears. Fade to black.

[outro music - acoustic guitar picking and strumming]