Ask Trooper Brent 075 - School Bus Stop Camera System

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[Intro music - distorted electric guitar chords]

SERIES INTRO SEQUENCE: The words #ASK TROOPER BRENT appear onscreen from various directions. The background includes scenes from previous ATB episodes, including: Trooper Brent being hassled by a zombie from a Halloween episode; Trooper Brent in front of a school bus; Trooper Brent running with a flashlight, headlamp and a bright shirt; Trooper Brent sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; and Trooper Brent installing a child passenger safety seat. A cursor arrow appears from bottom right and clicks on the words #ASK TROOPER BRENT. The arrow exits to the upper left. The words and background blur and fade to black. A Pennsylvania State Police patch fades in. 

SCENE: Corporal Brent Miller is standing at the rear door of a school bus.

Corporal Miller: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Trooper Brent. I'm Corporal Brent Miller. This school year marked the launch of the school bus…

SCENE: He holds up a piece of paper, as if reading, and the words "*checks notes" appear.

the school bus side stop signal arm enforcement system, otherwise known as the school bus side stop camera. These cameras capture violators who pass a school bus with its red lights activated and stop arm extended.

SCENE: Footage of a 5-lane roadway with a center turning lane with light moving traffic appears.

We noticed an increase in violations on roadways with a center turning lane.

SCENE: Corporal Miller at the rear of the bus.

Remember, in the school bus stopping law the only time you do not have to stop is when you're in the opposite direction of a school bus and there's a physical barrier between you and the school bus. A center turning lane is not a physical barrier.

SCENE: A graphic of a 5-lane roadway with center turning lane and a side street appears. A school bus is stopped on the rightmost lane with its red lights flashing and stop arm extended.

Here's an example for you of where you must stop.

SCENE: Other cars pull up behind the school bus, on the lanes opposite the bus, and on the side street. All the cars stop. When they are referenced, a graphic highlight appears.

When a school bus stops with its red lights flashing and side stop arm extended, the vehicles behind the bus must stop, the vehicles coming in the opposite direction must stop, and the vehicles at the side intersections must also stop. So, in this example, everyone stops.

SCENE: Corporal Miller at the rear of the bus.

If you are caught on camera passing a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing and side stop arm extended, you face a civil violation of a $300 fine to the registered owner of the vehicle. If a police officer catches you and you are convicted of violating the school bus stopping law, you face a $250 fine, five points on your driving record, and a 60-day license suspension. If you have a question, post in our comments below, use #AskTrooperBrent on Twitter, or send us an email. We'll see you next time. For Ask Trooper Brent, I'm Corporal Brent Miller with the PA State Police. 

Corporal Miller walks off camera to the left. The background blurs and the PSP patch appears. Fade to black.

[outro music - acoustic guitar picking and strumming]