Ask Trooper Brent 072 - Left Turn on Red

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


[Intro music - distorted electric guitar chords]

Series intro sequence - The words #ASK TROOPER BRENT appear onscreen from various directions. The background includes scenes from previous ATB episodes, including: Trooper Brent being hassled by a zombie from a Halloween episode; Trooper Brent in front of a school bus; Trooper Brent running with a flashlight, headlamp and a bright shirt; Trooper Brent sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; and Trooper Brent installing a child passenger safety seat. A cursor arrow appears from bottom right and clicks on the words #ASK TROOPER BRENT. The arrow exits to the upper left. The words and background blur and fade to black. A Pennsylvania State Police patch fades in.

Corporal Brent Miller is standing roadside. Buildings and trees are in the background.

Corporal Miller: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Trooper Brent. I’m Corporal Brent Miller. Several people recently asked on Facebook:

The following question appears:

Can I make a left turn on red in PA?

The word YES appears.


Corporal Brent Miller is standing roadside.

But only from a one-way street...

An image of two ONE WAY street signs appears.

onto another one-way street.

Corporal Brent Miller is standing roadside.

Any other type of roadway or situation, you may not make a left turn on red. 

The scene changes to an intersection.

Here is an example where you may make a left turn on red.

The approach street is one-way. The ONE WAY sign is temporarily circled for emphasis. The scene unfreezes and the camera pans from left to across the cross street, where another ONE WAY sign can be seen. It is temporarily circled as the scene freezes again. The traffic light shows red left arrows. The action starts again and the camera makes a left turn onto the cross street.

While filming this, we noticed people were unaware of this law.

Corporal Brent Miller is standing roadside.

Remember, if there is a NO TURN ON RED sign, then you may not make a turn on red. Be sure to always yield to pedestrians and other vehicles when turning on red. If you have a question, post it in our comments below, use hashtag #AskTrooperBrent on Twitter, or send us an email. We’ll see you next time for Ask Trooper Brent, I’m Corporal Brent Miller with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Corporal Miller walks off stage right and the scene blurs. The Pennsylvania State Police patch in full color fades in, then all fades to black.

[outro music - acoustic guitar picking and strumming]