Ask Trooper Brent 071 - Dome Lights

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


[Intro music - distorted electric guitar chords]

Series intro sequence - The words #ASK TROOPER BRENT appear onscreen from various directions. The background includes scenes from previous ATB episodes, including: Trooper Brent being hassled by a zombie from a Halloween episode; Trooper Brent in front of a school bus; Trooper Brent running with a flashlight, headlamp and a bright shirt; Trooper Brent sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; and Trooper Brent installing a child passenger safety seat. A cursor arrow appears from bottom right and clicks on the words #ASK TROOPER BRENT. The arrow exits to the upper left. The words and background blur and fade to black. A Pennsylvania State Police patch fades in.

Corporal Brent Miller is sitting in the driver's seat of a darkened vehicle. He is dimly lit.

Corporal Miller: Welcome back to another edition of Ask Trooper Brent. I’m Corporal Brent Miller. Donna asked on Facebook:

The following question appears:

Is it against the law to have your interior lights on in your vehicle...

Corporal Miller is sitting in the driver's seat. He clicks on the dome light, which illuminates him.

...while driving?

The word "No." appears in large font. The word "But..." then appears. The scene changes back to Corporal Miller sitting in the driver's seat.

When a dome light is turned on in your vehicle, it produces a glare on the front and rear windshield. The glare reduces the ability to drive safely, as it limits what you can see in front of and around your vehicle.

Corporal Miller, wearing civilian clothes, is seemingly operating a vehicle with the dome light on. He is looking at papers in one hand and driving with the other.

If you do decide to turn on your dome light while you’re...

The view changes to a closeup of the papers. It is a MAPQUEST map and directions.

...driving, you’ll probably focus on something other than...

Corporal Miller is driving with the dome light on again. He is combing his hair with one hand, and driving with the other. He is looking in the rearview mirror.

...what is in front of your vehicle, which is a classic example of distracted driving.

Corporal Miller, back in uniform, is sitting in the driver's seat. The dome light is on.

Remember to focus on the road and don’t drive distracted. If you have a question, post it in our comments below. Use #AskTrooperBrent on Twitter or send us an email. We’ll see you next time. For Ask Trooper Brent, I’m Corporal Brent Miller with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Corporal Miller clicks off several interior lights. On the last click, the screen goes black. The Pennsylvania State Police patch in full color fades in, then all fades to black.

[outro music - acoustic guitar picking and strumming]