CAID Glossary

Specific words used in the CAID are defined below.

Arrests - An arrest is when an individual is taken into custody with the intent to file charges, or after charges are filed.

Investigations - Investigations are the process of responding to and reviewing an incident to determine if or when charges should be filed. A single investigation may lead to more than one arrest. Investigations may also lead to zero arrests.

Offenses - A criminal offense is an act that violates federal, state, or municipal law. The number of offenses is independent of the number of investigations and arrests.

Commercial Vehicle - A motor vehicle or combination trailing vehicle designed or used to transport passengers or property as designated by Title 75 (Vehicle Code) of the PA Consolidated Statutes, Section 1603.

Inspection (Commercial Vehicle) - An inspection is the enforcement of safety regulations and laws of commercial vehicles by means of reviewing a vehicle’s equipment and logs to determine if that vehicle and driver are operating within established standards. An inspection can be initiated post-crash, due to probable cause, or routine activities at weigh stations, random checkpoints, or rest areas.