Overdose Spike Notification Program

The Overdose Information Network (ODIN) can provide local leaders with alerts regarding overdose spikes.

Program overview

The Overdose Mapping Act was established in 2023 to assist in combating the growing overdose epidemic within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Act provides a platform for all law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania to quickly share relevant information regarding the instance of an overdose or the use of an overdose reversal drug during an incident.

These provisions of the Act play a pivotal role in generating near real-time notifications, disseminated via email and text message, to subscribed users. This direct communication channel significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement responses to overdose incidents.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) Drug Analysis Unit (DAU) will establish processes to increase the collaboration of information from the platform to all local leaders.

Enroll to receive alerts

The launch date to sign up for this valuable resource is expected in mid-August 2024. 

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