PSP Compliment/Complaint Portal

The Compliment/Complaint Portal allows users to contact the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) by online entry. Note that if your complaint involves another Commonwealth agenc​y, you must contact that agency directly. The Pennsylvania State Police IAD investigates alleged misconduct of Pennsylvania State Police personnel only.

Submitting a complaint online

If you are submitting a complaint:

  • Please provide a brief description of the events leading up to your initial contact with Pennsylvania State Police personnel
  • In describing the incident, thoroughly detail the events surrounding your complaint, including:
    • the date
    • day of week
    • time of day
  • List the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who was present when the incident occurred
  • If your complaint includes verbal abuse or rudeness, include the specific term, phrase, or language you found offensive

If an arrest action has taken place by the State Police, personnel complaints filed with this office will have no impact upon such cases. Issues regarding the validity of an arrest must be adjudicated before the appropriate judicial authority. In accordance with due process, you are entitled to request a hearing/appeal and present those issues before the judiciary identified on the citation/summons.

NOTE: Once you have initiated your complaint, you will have 48 hours to complete and submit the entry, or it will be erased. If you want to retain a copy of your submission for your records, please print or save your submission form before clicking submit.

Proceed to the Portal


Questions regarding the completion of the Complaint Verification Form, the portal, or the status of your complaint may be directed to the Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards at 717-657-4200 or by mail at:

Pennsylvania State Police
Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards
Internal Affairs Division
7820 Allentown Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Harrisburg PA 17112