Liquor Control Enforcement

As a result of Act 14, dated June 30, 1987, enforcement of the Pennsylvania liquor code was transferred from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), thus forming the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (BLCE).

BLCE's purpose is to enforce the Commonwealth's Liquor Laws. To effectively achieve State Police goals and objectives, the Bureau must assist individual licensees, as well as the general community, in understanding the laws and regulations governing the proper and lawful operation of a licensed liquor establishment.


The Bureau consists of Bureau Headquarters, nine District Enforcement Offices (DEOs) and the Compliance, Auditing and Gambling Enforcement (CAGE) Unit.

BLCE is headed by a PSP Major, who serves as Bureau Director, and consists of two Divisions; the Administration Division and the Operations Division.

The Administration Division is headed by a PSP Captain and consists of the Report Examination Unit and the Computer Systems Support Unit.

The Operations Division is headed by a PSP Captain and consists of the CAGE Unit and the nine District Enforcement Offices. The nine District Enforcement Offices are divided into three sections; the Eastern Section, Central Section and Western Section. Each Section has a Section Commander overseeing operations of three District Enforcement Offices. The District Enforcement Offices are comprised of a District Office Commander, Operations Unit Supervisors, Operations Unit Officers, and clerical personnel.