Memorial Wall

Private Floyd B. Clouse

December 20, 1923 - November 2, 1953

Floyd B. Clouse was born December 20, 1923, at Everett, Pennsylvania.

He served with the United States Navy during World War II from May 8, 1943 to February 25, 1946. At 22, he enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police from Everett on August 1, 1946. He was assigned to Troop D-1, Butler. Private Clouse was 5'9" tall.

At 8:00 p.m., November 2, 1953, Private Clouse and Corporal Harold G. Rice were detailed to serve a disorderly conduct warrant on Edwin C. Stanyard. Stanyard was a resident of White Township, Beaver County. He had barricaded himself in an upstairs bedroom. When the officers broke down the door, they faced Stanyard's gunfire. Private Clouse was killed by a bullet to his head. Corporal Rice was shot in the mouth but was able to return fire. He killed Stanyard with two shots to the head. Dr. H. E. Douds, of Beaver Falls, had accompanied the Troopers to the Stanyard residence but remained in the police car. His medical aid saved Corporal Rice's life. Corporal Rice underwent surgery for the removal of a bullet that had lodged in his neck. Dr. Douds immediately started a trust fund for the Clouse family.

Private Clouse is buried in Alto Rest Cemetery in Altoona. He was survived by his wife, Mrs. Camilla M. Clouse, of Altoona. At 29, Private Clouse had completed seven years and three months of Pennsylvania State Police service.

Private Floyd B. Clouse