All applications for licenses, including change of employer applications, reactivations, and initial license applications, can be submitted by logging in to your account at

You may also request duplicate licenses, changes to your name, and changes to your address at

To file an initial application for a new license, you will scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and select "Apply for New License".  To change your employer, reactivate an inactive or expired license, change the location of your company, or place your license inactive, you must locate the license in the 'Professional License Details' section of your dashboard, click on the green pencil icon next to the license number which you wish to make changes to, and select the form you wish to submit.

Resources and Documents

Employer Verification Form/Broker Signature Card (PDF)

Broker Experience Charts (PDF) Must provide a minimum of 3 years of real estate experience by documenting 200 points using the following point system: 

  1. Sale (Commercial or Residential)  - 5 points;
  2.  Exclusive listing which sold (Commercial or Residential) - 5 points;
  3. Unsold exclusive listing (Commercial or Residential) - 1 point;
  4. Lease (Commercial) - 5 points;
  5. Lease (Residential) - 1 point;
  6. Property Management Assistance (Commercial or Residential) - 6 points/month.

Social Security Number Affidavit Form (PDF)

Criminal Record Check (PDF)

Team Advertising (PDF)