License Renewal Cycle and Fees


The 2024 real estate license renewals are closed. If your real estate salesperson, associate broker or broker sole-proprietor license has expired, please review the applicant istructions for online reactivation. 

  • The Real Estate Commission no longer will reactivate:
  • the Broker Corporation, LLC,Partnership Standard and Reciprocal;
  • Cemetery Broker Corp, LLC, Partnership Standard and Reciprocal;
  • and Rental Listing Referral Agent (RR) licenses OR
  • their corresponding broker multi-licensee, cemetery broker of record, or manager of record licenses OR branch office licenses. 

As of 6/01/2022, any Broker Corporation, LLC, Partnership Standard and Reciprocal; Cemetery Broker Corp, LLC, Partnership Standard and Reciprocal; and Rental Listing Referral Agent (RR) license that is placed out of business, made inactive or expired will be required to submit initial applications for new licenses for both the broker company and the broker of record/cemetery broker of record/manager of record.  If it can be confirmed that the initial application is for a company that expired or was placed out of business in the last 30 days, the inspection will be waived.  Otherwise, an inspection will be needed for all standard license holders whose main office is within the Commonwealth, regardless of the date the previous license ceased to be active.  

Please note that there will be no grace period for renewals of any license or registration.​

Licenses expire May 31 of every even-numbered year. The Commission e-mails renewal notices  approximately 60 days prior to the license expiration date. Notices are sent via e-mail to the e-mail address registered on the PALS website. You may update your registered e-mail address on that site also. 

Please note: the Commission no longer offers paper renewal applications.  All renewals must be completed by logging on to the PALS website.

Licensees who are having trouble accessing their licenses for renewal may want to review this helpful tip regarding PALS accounts:


 The fee for renewal is as follows:

  • Associate Broker - Standard and Reciprocal​ - ​$96.00
  • Broker Corporation, LLC, Partnership - Standard and Reciprocal - ​$126.00​
  • ​Broker of Record - Standard and Reciprocal - $126.00​
  • ​​Branch Office - ​$126.00
  • ​Broker Sole Proprietor - Standard and Reciprocal - ​$126.00
  • ​​Cemetery Associate Broker - ​$96.00
  • ​Cemetery Broker - ​$126.00
  • ​Cemetery Broker of Record - ​$126.00
  • ​Cemetery Salesperson - ​$96.00
  • ​Rental Listing Referral Agent - Corporation, LLC, Partnership - ​$126.00
  • ​Rental Listing Referral Agent - Sole Proprietor - $126.00
  • ​Manager of Record - $126.00
  • ​​Real Estate Salesperson - $96.00​
  • Builder-Owner Salesperson - $96.00​
  • ​Campground Membership Salesperson - ​$96.00​
  • Timeshare Salesperson - $96.00​

Section 404.1(a) of the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act requires real estate brokers and salespersons to complete 14 hours of Commission-approved continuing education during each two-year license period.  If you are a new salesperson licensee and you are renewing your license for the first time, you are required to complete a specific set of continuing education courses.  Please visit the Education Information - New Students and Licensees page for further information.


Mandatory CE topics required for the current renewal period can be found here

Additionally, a licensed broker or salesperson who wishes to activate a license that has been placed on inactive status shall be required to document 14 hours of continuing education. Per Section 35.382(b) of the Regulations, continuing education that is used to reactivate a license cannot be used to renew the license during the same renewal period.  An additional 14 hours of continuing education will need to be completed prior to renewal.

Per Section 501(b) of the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act, “Any person who remains inactive for a period of five years without renewing his license shall, prior to having a license reissued to him, submit to and pass the examination pertinent to the license for which the person is reapplying.”

If your license is currently inactive or expired, you have five years from the date of inactivity or expiration to reactivate your license without taking the licensing examinations.  Your completed application for reactivation must be received in our office before your five year deadline.  A completed application includes the reactivation fee and continuing education certificates.  Applications will not be considered complete if they are faxed or emailed, as a fee cannot be submitted in this manner.