Verify a Pennsylvania Professional's License

Using the services of a barber, real estate appraiser, or veterinarian? Under the care of a physician, dentist, or physical therapist?


You can verify whether the professionals you interact with have an active professional or occupational license to work in PA.

About Professional and Occupational Licensing

Professional and occupational licensing protects the health and safety of the public from fraudulent and unethical practitioners.

In Pennsylvania, 29 boards and commissions ensure that applicants meet the standards of their profession or occupation before they are licensed to work in their field. Those boards and commissions are:

How to Verify a Professional or Occupational License

You can search for a professional or occupational licensee's license number and status at any time through our Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) database.

PALS also allows you to determine whether a professional or occupational licensee has ever faced disciplinary action by their licensing board, including license suspension, fines, or other penalties.