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Current Voter Registration Statistics

Please note the top two links lead to Excel documents with several worksheets that show data on a week by week basis. The tabs appear at the bottom of the document.  These sheets do not represent cumulated totals. This will allow you to see the changes per week. The worksheets contain the following data: 

  • Total registered voters by county, broken down by political party (Democratic, Republican, No Affiliation, and Other). The total in the “No Affiliation” party column includes ONLY voters with this exact designation on their record. It does not include voters who may have a blank party field, “none,” “no party” or other non-affiliated designation. 

  • Number of party change applications by county, beginning on January 1, 2008, broken down by week, by resulting party (Democratic and Republican). This is the number of already-registered voters who changed their party from something else to Democratic or from something else to Republican during those months. This particular number does not include NEW applications for Democratic or Republican Party registrants, just those changing to the particular party. 

  • Number of New applications approved by week, broken down by county (January 1, 2008). 

  • New Voter Apps Party shows a count of new voter applications by county and Democratic, Republican and Other. 

  • All by Age contains the count of ALL voters (regardless of Party) by county and the age groups requested. 

  • Dem by Age shows a count of Democratic voters by county and age group (with totals and percentages at the bottom). 

  • Rep by Age is the same as “Dem by Age” but includes only Republican voters. 

    Please note: Numbers broken down by age are still less than the total number of voters (from the 1st tab) because there are a small number (about 150) of voters who do not have a valid Date of Birth on their voter record. The majority of these voters were converted from the counties’ old computer systems and the information was simply not available during the conversion. The majority of these voters are probably Older Pennsylvanians who were registered long before the county even had a computerized voter registration system.

Past Voter Registration Statistics


Voter Registration Statistics Archive

How to Request Data

Don’t see a particular dataset online? Pennsylvania residents have the ability to make a Right to Know Law request for data that may not already be publicly available on the Department’s website. Please see below for more information.

If you’d like to submit a Right to Know Law request for data, please email

Statewide Mail-Ballot File Request

This point-in-time transactional data is being published for informational purposes to provide detailed data pertaining to the processing of absentee and mail-in ballots by county election offices. This data is extracted once per day from the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE system) and it reflects activity recorded by the counties in the SURE system as of the time of the pull.

Please note that county election offices will continue to process ballot applications (as applicable), record ballots, reconcile ballot data, and make corrections when necessary, and this will continue through Election Day. Administrative practices for recording transactions in the system (i.e., recording individual transactions as they occur versus in recording batches of transactions at specific intervals) will vary county by county. These activities may result in substantial changes to a county's data from one day to the next.

The data file contains several fields in pipe delimited format. The data includes all mail ballot applications processed by counties, which includes voters on the permanent mail ballot list.

In order to receive this data, you must complete the Statewide Mail-Ballot File Request by using this online webform or by downloading a form and emailing it to the Division of Election Security and Technology at RA-STBEST@PA.GOV.


Voter Turnout - Presidential Elections

YearHighest VoteOffice UsedVoter RegistrationPercent of Registered Voters VotingVoting Age Population (VAP*)Percent of VAP
Percent of VAP Actually Registered

*Includes all citizens of voting age whether they are registered or not. This figure is based on official census data and census estimates published by the U.S. Census Bureau