Pennsylvania’s Cancer Drug Repository Program

The CDRP promotes access to lifesaving cancer drugs and treatment for all Pennsylvanians, regardless of their ability to pay, by permitting participating pharmacies to accept donated cancer drugs and dispense them to qualifying individuals.

How to Join

The Department encourages all licensed facilities to consider joining the CDRP, making safe and affordable treatment available to your customers. 

To join the program:

  • Review the Cancer Drug Repository Program Board regulations § 27.501– §27.506.
  • Please login to your PA Pharmacy account on
  • Navigate to the Professional License Details section.
  • Select the Request button and select Cancer Drug Repository.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the eligibility requirements for a PA Pharmacy to participate?

Review the eligibility requirements under § 27.503 of the Board's Regulations.

Apply to participate at


Who can donate cancer drugs?

A pharmacy, health care facility, drug manufacturer or wholesale drug distributor may donate legally obtained cancer drugs to an approved participating pharmacy if the drugs meet the eligibility requirements under § 27.504 (relating to drugs) as determined by a licensed pharmacist employed by or under contract with an approved participating pharmacy.


Which drugs are eligible/ineligible for dispensing by a Cancer Drug Repository?

Drugs must be in their original unopened, sealed and tamper-evident unit dose packaging or packaged in single unit doses, when the original packaging is opened but the single-unit-dose packaging is unopened. Review the full criteria requirements under § 27.504 of the Board's Regulation.


What type of records must be maintained by a Cancer Drug Repository Program?

Donation, Dispensing, Transfer and Destruction Record (PDF) - For donating drugs, for distribution of drugs to a participating repository, and for destruction of drugs under the Cancer Drug Repository Program, complete this form.

Recipient Record and Informed Consent (PDF) - For dispensing or administering medications to recipients who meet the eligibility requirements of the Cancer Drug Repository Program. 


How does a PA Pharmacy withdraw from the program?

Notice of Withdrawal (PDF) – Complete and submit this form to the Board office to withdraw from the program.


Who is eligible to receive drugs from a cancer drug repository program?

A patient must 1) be diagnosed with cancer, 2) not possess or have limited prescription drug coverage related to treatment of the patient's cancer, 3) not meet the eligibility requirements under the State Medical Assistance Program, and 4) meet the financial eligibility requirements of the cancer drug repository program.  Review the complete list of patient eligibility requirements under § 27.506 of the Board's Regulations.


What are the income levels for patient participation?

Review the Cancer Drug Repository Income Eligibility Notice (PDF) – for the current income levels for participation.  ​