Voter Support

If you are a registered voter in Pennsylvania, you can find information here about how to cast your ballot, as well as other voting resources.

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First-Time Voters

If you are a newly registered Pennsylvania voter or if you will be voting in person at a new precinct in the next election, start here.

Mail Ballot Voting

All registered voters may choose to vote by mail-in ballot instead of in person for any election. Pennsylvania also makes absentee ballots available for voters who have a specific reason they will be unable to vote in person, such as a disability or planned trip, on Election Day.

In-Person Voting

Every registered voter is assigned to a specific polling place where they can go in person on Election Day to cast their ballot. Start here to learn how to find your assigned polling place and to learn about your county's voting system and what you will encounter when you vote in person.

Accessible Voting

If you have a disability or require assistance to cast your ballot, start here to learn about your options.

Know the Law and Your Voting Rights

Federal and state laws protect registered voters from harassment, intimidation, and other forms of voter suppression attempts as they cast their ballot. 

Find Additional Resources

Have a question about your specific circumstance? Start here to find an answer.

Become a Poll Worker

Elections in Pennsylvania are made possible by thousands of regular citizens serving as poll workers. We all depend on responsible workers to run smooth elections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pennsylvania Elections

Getting clear, accurate information from a trusted source is critical to ensuring that every eligible voter can cast their vote and make their voice heard. Read about some of the questions voters commonly ask.