Voter Education Toolkit

The Department of State (DOS) is working to promote public confidence in elections and educate voters about the elections in 2024. The Ready to Vote initiative aims to inform voters about key information about election deadlines and how to vote.

How You Can Help

As a partner of DOS, you can help spread the word about the changes via your communications channels, including social media, websites, newsletters, emails, etc. Specifically:

General #ReadyToVotePA Material

You can use general #ReadyToVotePA material to let people know the voting experience in Pennsylvania has changed and to direct them to for voting information. Here's a timeline of suggested actions to focus on:

September 2024

  • Voter registration
  • Request your mail-in or absentee ballot


October 2024

  • Register to Vote
  • Request your mail-in or absentee ballot
  • Promote voter registration deadline, Oct.21, 2024

November 2024

  • Return your mail ballot as soon as possible
  • Learn about your county's voting system
  • Election – Nov. 5, 2024

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Newsletter Graphics & Content

Social Media Graphics & Posts

Are you #ReadyToVotePA? Find out if you’re all set to cast your vote in the Nov. 5 election:


📅 Mark your calendars with these important dates for the General Election on Nov. 5, 2024. Visit to learn about mail-in voting, your voting systems and how you can get involved.  #ReadytoVotePA

Pennsylvania voters can request a mail-in ballot without providing a reason. Voters can skip the lines on election day with mail-in voting. Read more about this convenient way to vote: #ReadyToVotePA

Mail ballots must be RECEIVED by your county election office by 8 pm, Nov. 5. Your ballot must be in the inner secrecy envelope & the pre-addressed outer return envelope where the voter must sign & put today's date. #ReadyToVotePA

The deadline to register to vote is now 15 days before an election. The voter registration deadline for the Nov. General Election is Oct. 21. Register today: #ReadyToVotePA

Poll Worker Recruitment

The Pennsylvania Department of State would like your help recruiting poll workers to serve on Election Day. Pennsylvania counties need dependable workers who reflect the diversity of the communities they serve to step up to the plate. You can help by recruiting members of your community on social media, with print posters and flyers, and via electronic communications.