Campaign Finance Forms and Reports

Campaign Finance Reports

  • Campaign Finance Report (DSEB-502)
    • (Large file size PDF. This will take a few moments to download) This form is intended for the use of candidates, political committees and contributing lobbyists that are required to disclose contributions and expenditures. (further instructions available with form) 
  • Campaign Finance Statement (DSEB-503) ​
    • You may file this statement in lieu of a full report when the amount of contributions (including in-kind contributions) received, the amount of money expended, and the liabilities incurred each did not exceed $250.00 during the reporting period. (further instructions available with form)

Registration Paperwork

  • All state level committees are to mail or hand deliver the completed registration statements to:
  • Department of State | Bureau of Campaign Finance & Lobbying Disclosure | 500 North Office Building | Harrisburg, PA 17120
  • Local level committees are to file with the county board of elections. 

Additional Reporting Forms

  • Non-Bid Contract Reporting Form - Section 1641 (DSEB-504B)
    • This form is to be used by any corporation, association, partnership, sole  proprietorship or other business entity which does not reach the thresholds for reporting under section 1641 of the Pennsylvania Election Code. (further instructions available with form) 
  • Independent Expenditure Reporting Form (DSEB-505)
    • If you make an Independent Expenditure (an expenditure not in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or candidate's political committee) to influence the outcome of the election of a candidate or ballot question, you must file this report if the expenditure exceeds $100 in a calendar year. (further instructions available with form)
    • Independent Expenditure Report: Additional Expenditure Lines
  • Campaign Finance Voucher Request Form
    • This form is for the submission of voucher requests for expenditures under the Pennsylvania Campaign Finance Reporting Law.  Completed forms can be emailed to
  • 24 Hour Report Form
    • Any current candidate or political committee authorized by a current candidate which receives any contribution or pledge of $500 or more during the reporting period must complete a 24 hour report with in 24 hours of the contribution being received. 
  • Indpendent Expenditure 24 hour Report Form
    • Any independent expenditure made of five hundred dollars ($500) or more during the 24 hour reporting period must be reported within 24 hours of the expenditure using the prescribed form.