Voting & Election Resources

We provide statistics, reports, and information on elections and campaign finance.

Voting and Election Statistics

Find information on voter registration, election results, and how to request data. 

Directives and Guidance

View current directives and guidance the Department has shared with County Election Officials. 

Voting and Election Reports

We post reports on various subjects about elections in Pennsylvania. 

Federal Grants

The state receives grants through the Help America Vote Act. Here is how we used that money to help voters. 

Voting Systems in PA

Any voting system selected by a county must be certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and the Pennsylvania secretary of state. Pennsylvania has developed new standards of security and accessibility that manufacturers must meet to achieve state certification. 

Campaign Finance Forms and Reports

Download forms and reports for campaign finance. 

Campaign Finance Resources

Find resources and information you need.

Lobbying Disclosure Annual Reports

View Lobbying Disclosure's annual reports. 

Pennsylvania’s Online Voter Registration and Mail Ballot Web application Programming Interface

Learn more about this web-based service.

Pennsylvania Voters

Visit our voter education website for official, trustworthy information about voting in Pennsylvania.