Professional Licensing Disciplinary Actions

The following is a monthly listing of disciplinary or corrective measures taken by the 29 professional licensing boards and commissions and Notaries Public.  Each entry includes the name of the respondent; the respondent's license number (if any); the respondent's la​st known business address with the board; the sanction imposed; a brief description of the basis for the disciplinary or corrective measure; the effective date; and whether the action has been appealed.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the following information is correct.  

However, it should be noted that the names of persons listed may be similar to the names of persons who have not had disciplinary or corrective measures taken against them.  Official confirmation of the current status of a license can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs: 2525 N. 7th Street Harrisburg, PA 17110​.