Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

Public Hearing Information

Public Hearings are scheduled by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) Office of the Hearing Examiner. 

Public Hearings at the PHRC

If a discrimination case has not settled after a probable cause finding, the PHRC may convene a public hearing at which testimony under oath is presented infront of one of our Hearing Examiners.

  • Your complaint will be represented by a PHRC attorney, or a private attorney if you prefer.
  • A decision will be rendered, and a legally enforceable order issued.
    • This order may be appealed to Commonwealth Court.
  • In certain housing discrimination cases, parties will be permitted to elect court action in Commonwealth Court instead of a PHRC public hearing.
Upcoming Public Hearings
  1. August 7-8, 2024 (TBD) James R. Butterfield v. Dekorte Excavating, Inc, PHRC Case No. 202000327
  2. August 27, 2024 (TBD) River Robins v. PUC, PHRC Case No. 202200982

If you are an organization interested in hosting a public hearing, or if you would like more information about the hearings scheduled, please contact us.

Office of the Hearing Examiner

  • Adjudicates motions.
  • Issues rules to show cause when petitions are filed alleging a respondent has failed to answer a complaint.
  • Makes recommendation of a finding of liability when a respondent does not respond to a rule to show cause,
  • Conducts pre-hearing conferences in those cases that are approved for Public Hearing.
  • Either conducts hearings as Hearing Examiner or advises a panel of Commissioners when a panel is assigned to hear a case.

Filings made to the PHRC Office of the Hearing Examiner:

  • The filing guidelines [PDF] apply to ALL filings, including those made prior to case placement on the public hearing docket.
  • Filings may be made by emailing a copy to the PHRC.
  • Legal captions and headings shall follow the template provided in Appendix C [PDF].