Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

Curtis Jones, Jr.


The Honorable Curtis Jones Jr. represents the 4th District of Philadelphia, Pa.

Jones, Jr. is a champion for education and an ally for criminal justice and the environment.

Jones, Jr. led the charge to enforce new public safety regulations for fire escapes, create the Philadelphia Mortgage Diversion Program, which prevented thousands of residents from losing their homes, along with a second moratorium on Sheriff Sales during January 2011 to further protect, preserve, and defend the homes of Philadelphians, and The Philadelphia Internship Tax Credit, which will allow high school, college, and vocational students in Philadelphia to receive a stipend for their work.

Jones, Jr. has collaborated with District Attorney Seth Williams and former Mayor Michael Nutter on the Witness Intimidation Law, which emphasizes the importance of eyewitness testimony in the justice system and a renewed commitment to protecting those who courageously step forward to report crime. Jones, Jr. also authored a law for 5 percent of Philadelphia's annual Community Development Block Grant to be used for Mixed-Use Property financing.

In addition, Jones, Jr. and the Office of Housing and Community Development launched a $1 million pilot project for mixed-use developments all in his first term. Jones, Jr. established the Roxborough Environmental Control District to preserve the historic Manatawna Farm, wildlife habitat, and greenspace in Roxborough and is Philadelphia's leading advocate for the environmental and economic impacts of Marcellus Shale onto the city.

A noted expert on community-based economic development, Jones, Jr. has served in various public and private sector positions for more than two decades. Under his leadership, minority-, women-, and disabled-owned business entities have received more than $583 million in municipal contract opportunities.

Jones, Jr. serves on numerous boards and executive committees, including the PHRC and Pennsylvania Crime & Delinquency Commission, both appointed by Governor Wolf. He also serves on the Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB), as Co-Chair of Special Investigative Committee examining Philadelphia demolition procedures and operations, both appointed by Council President Darrell Clarke, the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority's Minority Advisory Committee, the Please Touch Museum, the Mann Music Center, and as a President Gas Commissioner.

A recipient of numerous community and industry awards, Jones, Jr. is one of Overbrook High School's accomplished graduates. He has furthered his scholastic achievements by attending the University of Pennsylvania's Fels School of Government, completing studies at Boston University's A. C. C. A. program, and receiving a master's certificate in Contract Compliance in conjunction with the University of Alabama.