PHRC Working with Officials After KKK Activity in York

PHRC working with officials after KKK activity in York

​Harrisburg, PA- PHRC is aware of the KKK activity in York. We are working with York Officials, the community and law enforcement to enhance cooperation and positive dialog in the community. KKK and groups that promote such hate, bias and discrimination are not welcome in Pennsylvania. “The shadow of hate that is emerging in aspects of York, PA will be met with social justice,” said Chad Dion Lassiter, the Executive Director of PHRC.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission recently held hearing on another incident that took place in York at the Grandview Golf Course and have been in communications with officials regarding the murder at the Red Rose recently.
“York is a good strong community filled with good people and they will not allow hatred to tear their community apart,” Joel Bolstein, Chair PHRC said today.

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