Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

PHRC Statement following a North Side gas station owner's altercation with black women

HARRISBURG, PA - The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is the top Civil Rights agency in Pennsylvania. Following the reports on the violent acts against two women at local Marshal-Shadeland Exxon gas station, our Executive Director Chad Dion Lassiter said, "this behavior is unacceptable in our society".  He continued, "This is a neighborhood business, they know better."

While the District Attorney has filed charges we have seen far to many acts of violence that appear to have racial undertones and feel that more must be done.  PHRC Commissioner Curtis Jones voiced his concerns, "if there is an atmosphere of racial discourse and violence we intend to be there". 

The PHRC is monitoring this and several other incidents in the region.  Lassiter said, "our mission is to protect those protected classes identified in our governing act, more over we have the responsibility as human beings to address this type of violence and do our very best to bring everyone to the beloved table."  

We will work with our partners in Western Pennsylvania to give voice to those who haven't been heard and to educate the community to improve relations.

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