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PHRC Executive Director inducted into University of Pennsylvania SP2 Alumni Hall of Fame

Philadelphia-The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is proud to announce that Chad Dion Lassiter, MSW, the Executive Director of PHRC was inducted into Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) Alumni Hall of Fame.  During a ceremony held on November 16, 2019 the school, which has been in existence for 108 years inducted four new members to the alumni hall of fame.  Comments and congratulations were offered by Dean Sara S. Bachman, PHD prior to the presentations of award. The honorees were selected through a nomination process that included submissions from SP2 faculty, staff, alumni and students across all five of the school's degree programs.

During his acceptance Lassiter commented, "There is an African proverb that states: "I am because we are."  I am thankful for my mother, my family and my mentors.  I am humbled by this honor and I accept it on behalf of anyone who has ever been told that they could not succeed against any and all odds."  Mr. Lassiter continued by recognizing the University of Pennsylvania that he has a relationship with since 1999 and describes that as special and one that he values. 

Since becoming the third Executive Director for PHRC in May of 2018, Chad Lassiter has moved the agency to new heights.  His expertise in race relations has manifested with his initiation of several new programs such as the PHRC Social Justice Lecture Series, No Hate in Our State Town Halls, coalition building with non-traditional partners.  He has empowered staff to work more effectively by implementing new trainings and a shared leadership philosophy.  He is leading the way and taking the agency with him. 

Commission Chairman Joel Bolstein said when congratulating Executive Director Lassiter, "We are proud of our talented Executive Director and very happy with the direction Chad is taking this agency. We continue to be excited about the coming years".

Lassiter said, "Unfortunately there is no shortage of hate and discrimination in this world, we will continue to counter that with love and inclusion.  We look forward to next year beginning our engagement with young people and our visits to each of the 67 Counties in PA.  We want to work in tandem with the Department of Corrections on the school to prison pipeline.  We recently presented 4 schools in Western PA with funds to kick off our newest initiative, PHRC Social Justice Youth Community Project Award.  We watch with great anticipation what these groups of students do to promote human rights in their own back yards and look forward to the presentation of the projects".  Lassiter continued, "Our goal is to engage the community and encourage communication and collegial interaction as we move toward the Beloved Community that Martin Luther King, Jr. described."

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