PHRC announces creation of Penn Hills Advisory Council


January 6, 2023 

PHRC announces creation of Penn Hills Advisory Council 

Harrisburg, PA-- The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is announcing the creation of a new advisory council in Penn Hills. The Penn Hills Advisory Council has established three officers: Ronald B. Saunders, Chairperson; Dr. Michele Greene, Vice-Chair; and Alexis Clipper, Secretary. 

“PHRC Advisory Councils are essential to the fostering of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for all people within our great Commonwealth,” said Chad Dion Lassiter, MSW- Executive Director of the PHRC. 

An advisory council is created by the PHRC and is composed of nonpartisan and nonpolitical individual community members who serve without compensation in an advisory capacity to the PHRC to:

• Assist the public in the practice of equal opportunity through the elimination of discrimination as defined in the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. 

• Assist the PHRC in ascertaining the extent to which equal opportunities are available in the community for employment, housing, public accommodations, and education and to look for new such opportunities. 

• Increase citizen awareness of the existence and purposes of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. 

"Advisory Councils to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission can serve as the eyes and ears of the Commission particularly at a time when the State as well as the country is experiencing unique 21st. Century challenges centered around diversity, equity inclusion, social justice, immigration issues and the byproducts of those problems," said Penn Hills Advisory Council Chairperson, Ronald B. Saunders. 

The PHRC is Pennsylvania’s leading civil rights enforcement agency. The PHRC is empowered to create advisory councils to assist the Commission in achieving its purpose of addressing and eliminating discrimination against individuals or groups by reason of their race, color, familial status, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, national origin, handicap or disability, or use of guide or support animals because of the blindness, deafness, or physical handicap of the user or because the user is a handler or trainer of support or guide through the denial of equal employment, housing, or public accommodations. For more information about PHRC’s work, go to: 


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