Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Orders Village Realty to Pay $8,333 in Housing Retaliation Case

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission orders Village Realty to Pay $8,333 in housing retaliation case

Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) has ordered Dennison Family Limited Partnership, d/b/a Village Realty Associates, LTD to pay $8,333 in a housing retaliation case.

In its investigation, the commission found that Jonathan Blaine of Manchester suffered damages when Village Realty Associates, LTD refused to renew his lease after he filed a complaint with the PHRC.

“Retaliating against someone who engages in a protected activity is against the law,” said JoAnn Edwards PHRC Executive Director. “It is important that landlords are aware of the protections under the PA Human Relations Act.”

The commission ordered the business to:

  • Cease and desist from retaliating against anyone who engages in a protected activity under the PA Human Relations Act (PHRA).
  • Pay Blaine $333.67 for out-of-pocket expenses and compensatory damages of $5,000 for embarrassment and humiliation.
  • Pay an assessment of a civil penalty of $3,000 to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pursuant to Section 9 (2)(i) of the PHRA.

The business has 30 days to report to the PHRC how it will comply with the order.

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