Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission condemns the terror attack on Israel


Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission condemns the terror attack on Israel

HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) Chair and Executive Director have released the following statements on the continued horrors in Israel. 

"I have a heavy heart," said Joel Bolstein, PHRC Chair. "This terror attack on Israel is the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the holocaust. My family fled religious persecution in Europe and many settled in Israel. I see what's going on, I check the newspapers every day to see the names of those who have been murdered in Israel or taken hostage by Hamas. I am very grateful to Governor Shapiro for his unequivocal statement condemning the horrific acts of war committed by Hamas. There's a lot of evil in the world and it is up to the good people to stand up every day and confront that evil. As chairperson of the PHRC, I work with an incredible group of professionals who actively confront hate and seek to eradicate discrimination in all its forms. Now is a time for us to all unite in the fight against hate and evil and I pray for an end to terrorism and attacks on innocent people."  

"Humanity is suffering," said Chad Dion Lassiter, PHRC Executive Director. "Terrorism must always be called out for what it is, horrific, brutal, and unjustifiable. Innocent people should never have to be subjected to such evils. The PHRC stands against all acts of terrorism and antisemitism. I am praying for the families that have lost loved ones. I am praying for all those who fear what will happen next. No one should have to live in fear. I hope for a day when all can live safely in peace." 

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