PA Human Relations Commission Orders Fast Food Franchisee to Pay $7,591 for Age Discrimination

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PA Human Relations Commission Orders Fast Food Franchisee to Pay $7,591 for Age Discrimination


Harrisburg – The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission today ordered Paksh LLC, of Hagerstown, Md., to pay more than $7,591 to Sharon L. Emmons, of Chambersburg, Franklin County, for discriminating against her based on her age.

Emmons filed a complaint alleging that the company discriminated against her based on her age by refusing to hire her at its Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins location at 1479 Lincoln Way East in Chambersburg.

After multiple notices, the company failed to answer the complaint. The commission held them liable for illegal discrimination and held a public hearing, which they failed to attend.

“Refusing to hire a qualified worker simply because of her age is discrimination,” Executive Director JoAnn Edwards said. “With 56 percent of Pennsylvania’s workforce being over 40, and 42 percent of unemployed workers who have given up looking for work being over 40, age discrimination can clearly damage our economy.

“Employers who refuse to consider qualified applicants based on myths and stereotypes of older workers not only risk liability, they rob themselves of an available labor pool who could become loyal, hard-working employees.”

The commission ordered Paksh to cease discriminating based on age, and to pay Emmons $6,839.76 for lost wages and expenses, plus interest. To date, the interest brings the amount to $7,591.

The company has 30 days to report to the commission on how it will comply.

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