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Offensive Halloween Costumes at Emmaus High School

Harrisburg, PA- The recent article in The Morning Call-Offensive Halloween Costumes at Emmaus High School was disturbing to us at PHRC.  "The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) believes that people have a right to live, work and learn free from unlawful discrimination"-said Executive Director Chad Dion Lassiter, "furthermore we believe that doesn't happen unless we create a healthy, inclusive learning environment".  

PHRC is mandated to educate the community as well as investigate complaints of unlawful discrimination.  "We have been successful in other schools with bringing the students, staff and other partners together to produce more positive outcomes" offered Commission Chair Joel Bolstein

The PHRC offers trainings on implicit bias and other appropriate training as well as opportunities to bring the community together through programs such as our SOCIAL JUSTICE LECTURE SERIES,  NO HATE IN OUR STATE TOWN HALL SERIES and SOCIAL JUSTICE FILM TALK BACK. PHRC will be reaching out to the school and community leaders in the area this week to schedule an immediate response to this recent inappropriate action.

"There is an expectation that public schools will be safe learning environments for all students. More work must be done to achieve this goal -- not only in the East Penn School District, but in every district in Pennsylvania."-Commissioner Adrian Shanker.


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