Human Relations Commission Orders Lazer Spot, Inc. to Pay $120,000 for Disability Discrimination

Human Relations Commission orders Lazer Spot, Inc. to pay $120,000 for disability discrimination 

Harrisburg, PA - The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) ordered Lazer Spot, Inc. to pay approximately $120,000 to former employee Matthew A. Harrison after finding that the company denied Harrison an accommodation and terminated him for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) disability.

The PHRC’s order took effect March 27, 2017.
Harrison filed a discrimination complaint alleging that Lazer Spot, Inc. did not provide accommodation for his disability and terminated him because of it.
“Not providing a reasonable accommodation for a person’s non-job related disability is as illegal a discrimination as is firing an individual for that disability,” said JoAnn Edwards PHRC Executive Director. “The PHRC wants Pennsylvanians to know that if discrimination occurs, we are here to protect their civil rights.”
The commission held a public hearing to determine damages and ordered the company to:
  • Cease discriminating against employees based on disabilities;
  • Reinstate Harrison to his former or comparable job. If Lazer Spot fails to reinstate Harrison, an additional award will include two years’ front pay minus amounts he might earn with reasonable diligence in that two-year period; and,
  • Pay Harrison approximately $120,000, which includes lost wages plus interest and expenses.
Lazer Spot, Inc. has 30 days to report to the commission on how it will comply with the order.
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