Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

Zulay Rojas

Special Assistant to the Executive Director 

In her role as Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Zulay Rojas is a member of the Beloved Community. This role affords her the opportunity to listen intently and assist those in need with empathy.

During a selfless service to our nation in the Armed Forces, her boots were stationed in the Mesopotamian sands of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After nine years of serving in the military, she hung up the uniform and started her journey into civil service.

As a Criminal Justice Scholar, she discovered the importance of equal rights for all and joined the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

It is here that she can live out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s realistic vision of the Beloved Community, one in which "caring and compassion drive political policies that support worldwide elimination of poverty and hunger and all forms of bigotry and violence. A state of heart and mind, a spirit of hope and goodwill that transcends all boundaries and barriers and embraces all creation."