Pileup Crashes

This is a video transcript for a social media post.


The title card is an animated graphic with the words PILEUP CRASHES and the PSP patch has fast falling snow and a white gradient that moves upward, hinting at accumulating snowfall. After a dip to white, Corporal Brent Miller is seen in uniform, with highway traffic in the distant background. 

Corporal Miller: If possible, drive slowly forward to the front of the pileup. 

A still photo appears of an approaching commercial truck on a highway in near whiteout conditions. Snow is blowing across the road. 

If stopped, do not stand outside your vehicle on or near the roadway. 

A still photo appears of various tire tracks in the snow. 

If you can do so safely, get as far away from the roadway as possible. 

A still photo appears of a roadway in near whiteout conditions. A commercial truck is going down the road away from the camera. The camera viewpoint is from the snow covered side of the road. A sign indicating an upcoming right turn is along the roadway. 

If you cannot safely exit your vehicle, remain seated inside with your seat belt on. 

A still photo appears of two vehicles on a snow covered roadway during a snowstorm. One vehicle is turned the wrong way with a folded up hood. The title card is again shown.