Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission

In addition to CALEA accreditation, the Pennsylvania State Police also participates in the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC) version of accreditation. The program, developed by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police, is similar to CALEA and began in 2002 when the Department was among the first three agencies accredited.


PLEAC was developed to be user-friendly to enhance the probability of success for law enforcement agencies within Pennsylvania. PLEAC'S uniqueness and relevance to Pennsylvania law enforcement is demonstrated by standards specific to legislated legal mandates. Personnel from the Department actively participate on the Commission and with the Pennsylvania Police Accreditation Coalition. PLEAC accreditation can become a springboard to achieve international accreditation through CALEA.

For additional information, contact the PSP Accreditation Manager at 717-772-4893.

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