PSP Cadet Position Information

Salary and benefits

Effective July 1, 2023, Cadets receive a salary of $1,595.20 biweekly, before deductions, during the training period.

Cadets, upon appointment, are required to join the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS). Cadets contribute 6.25% of their gross salary to SERS. The Commonwealth is required to make a State-share contribution, with the percentage rate set by SERS.

Cadets and Members do not contribute to Social Security.

Cadets are eligible for State-paid group life insurance equivalent to their annual salary after 90 days of employment.  Upon promotion to Trooper, the maximum insurance payment is $50,000.

Cadets are eligible to enroll in medical/hospital coverage only. A payroll deduction of 2.75% of biweekly gross salary is charged for single enrollment in the least expensive plan in the Cadet's county of residence. Cadets may elect to enroll in a more expensive medical plan with an additional payroll deduction for plan buy-up. Cadets may also elect to cover eligible family members by paying the cost for a family plan via payroll deduction.

Note:  Current Commonwealth employees will not continue to receive supplemental benefits (prescription, dental, vision) as they are canceled upon appointment as a State Police Cadet.

Upon promotion to the rank of Trooper, members and their dependents are eligible for additional benefits, i.e., Dental Care Program, Vision Care Plan, and Prescription Drug Program. The Commonwealth pays the entire cost of all coverages for the Trooper and their eligible family members.

Cadets are not eligible for overtime compensation or shift differential.

More on becoming a Cadet

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