Apply for Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD)

MAWD helps support Pennsylvanians with disabilities by allowing them to work and stay connected to Medicaid.

MAWD Overview

Pursue professional goals without losing services and supports available through Medicaid.

If you have a disability, your Medicaid (also known as Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania) coverage can connect you to services and supports to help you live independently and pursue your personal and professional goals.

Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) is a Medicaid eligibility category that allows people with disabilities to have a job and keep their Medicaid coverage. This includes any services and supports that you receive through a waiver program. If your employer offers health insurance, MAWD can help cover supports that assist with your disability if you need additional coverage beyond what your employer offers.

There is a small monthly premium for MAWD coverage that is based on a percentage of your monthly income – usually about 5%. The Department of Human Services will send you information each month about how to pay your premium.

If your income increases, you can keep your MAWD coverage through MAWD Workers with Job Success. You are eligible for this if you’ve had MAWD coverage for more than a year and your income exceeds MAWD’s limit.


To qualify for MAWD, you must have a disability that meets the federal Social Security Administration’s definition. This can be a physical, intellectual, developmental, or mental health disability.

You must also:

  • Be 16-64 years old;
  • Have a paying job; and,
  • Meet income and resource requirements.

To qualify for MAWD, your countable income must be below 250% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines and your countable resources must be below $10,000.

If your income increases, you can stay on MAWD under the Workers with Job Success category as long as you make less than 600% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. 

What Do I Need to Apply?

If you are already enrolled in Medicaid, contact your caseworker or your local County Assistance Office. They can check if you have a verified disability on your case and, if not, can help you update your case.

If you are not yet on Medicaid, you must apply. When completing your application, say you are interested in MAWD. This can be done:

When you are applying for Medicaid, you may need the following information to help you complete your application:

  • Household income from jobs, child support, and other income sources
  • Federal tax filing information
  • Social Security Numbers and birth dates of household members
  • Current or recent health insurance information
  • Housing and utility expense information
  • Proof of citizens and identify if you are a U.S citizen. Example: Birth Certificate; Driver's License; State ID.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens must provide documentation showing lawful residence in the U.S.
  • Resource information (this includes bank accounts, vehicles, homes, property, life insurance, etc).

To qualify for MAWD, you will also need to verify your disability if you are not already considered to be disabled by the federal Social Security Administration or Pennsylvania’s Medical Review Team.

Application Resources

Apply Now

You can apply online, in-person, on the phone, or through the mail. Remember to indicate on your application that you’re interested in MAWD.

Apply Online

Use the quick, easy, and secure COMPASS website


Apply by Phone

Call the Consumer Service Center. 


Apply In Person

Staff at your local county assistance office (CAO) will help you apply . 

Find Your CAO

Apply by Mail

Complete and print a paper application then send it to your local County Assistance Office.

Download Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MAWD lets you keep your waiver services even if your income increases. 

Yes. You must provide documentation to verify your self-employment. 

Disabilities must meet the federal Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability. This can include physical, intellectual, developmental, and mental health disabilities. Your County Assistance Office can help with specific questions. 

No. You do not have to apply for or receive SSI or SSDI to qualify for MAWD.

No. You do not have to work a set number of hours or earn a minimum income to qualify for MAWD.

No. MAWD is for people with disabilities that are expected to exist for more than one year. 

Yes. Coverage offered through your employer would be your primary insurance, but MAWD can help you keep access to services available through Medicaid that may not be covered by your employer. 

You can stay covered through MAWD and get a good cause exception for two months. Contact your caseworker at your County Assistance Office if you have questions about employment exceptions. 

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Contact Your CAO

Visit or contact your local County Assistance Office for in-person help applying for Medicaid or MAWD

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