I-95 Update: Live Feed Up and Running Ahead of Schedule on Pa.Gov/i95Updates

The I-95 live feed is up and running ahead of schedule.

Philadelphia, PA – Yesterday, Governor Josh Shapiro returned to the site of the I-95 collapse to announce that the demolition is proceeding ahead of schedule and detail the reconstruction plan to get the roadway reopened safely and as quickly as possible.

As part of that announcement, Governor Shapiro said there would be a 24/7 live feed of the construction site “to chart our progress and give everyone a sense of timing as we move forward.” The Governor promised the live feed would be up by the end of the week – but as the Shapiro Administration works to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, the live feed is up and running ahead of schedule.

Watch the 24/7 live feed here: https://www.pa.gov/i95updates.

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