What Labor, Business, and Environmental Leaders Are Saying About Governor Shapiro’s “Bold,” “Nation-Leading” Energy Plan That “Can Deliver a Lot of Promise for Pennsylvania” by Creating Energy Jobs and Lowering Costs

“Governor Shapiro has brought together many different sectors to explore how Pennsylvania can be a clean energy leader, and today’s announcement represents a step forward toward that goal.”


“The clean energy transition can bring tremendous benefits to Pennsylvania’s economy, communities, and environment. We applaud the Governor’s efforts to lead us to a healthier, prosperous clean energy future.”

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro unveiled his new, commonsense energy plan for Pennsylvania, kicking off a new era of energy leadership to create nearly 15,000 energy jobs, lower electricity costs for Pennsylvanians, take real action to address climate change, and maintain Pennsylvania’s energy independence. The Governor’s plan:

  • Creates an emissions reduction program that leverages Pennsylvania’s advantages as a major energy producer to reduce climate emissions while also directly lowering prices for Pennsylvanians through an electric bill rebate.
  • Solidifies an all-of-the-above vision for Pennsylvania’s energy future through bold new reliability targets that will produce a more diverse, resilient electricity grid by 2035, attract more federal dollars, and support Pennsylvania’s low-carbon natural gas and nuclear facilities for the first time.
  • Builds on the Governor’s economic development strategy to make transformational investments in clean energy production.

For more information on Governor Shapiro’s plan, visit governor.pa.gov/energy.

Read what labor, business, environmental, and government leaders are saying about Governor Shapiro’s plan to create thousands of energy jobs, lower costs, and ensure Pennsylvania remains an energy leader below.


Pat Dolan, Business Manager for United Association Local Union 524: “I want to thank the Governor for coming up here to do this in the home of one of the building trades. Energy is something that’s so important to the building trades because not only do we build and maintain our plants – such as the Susquehanna generating plant – but we do upgrades in these places to keep peak efficiency. Another thing that we do is energy upgrades throughout our buildings, our schools in the area. That’s job creation that is so key to everything that we do.”

Robert Bair, President of the Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades: “I have been working with the Governor and his team for the last year and a half. I can say as the president of Pennsylvania State Building Trades, I look forward to working with the Governor, working with the House, to working with the Senate, to working with Republicans and Democrats to get an energy policy for Pennsylvania. I want to maintain Pennsylvania’s status as the number one energy exporter in the country. Pennsylvania is built on natural gas. The Governor, to his credit, acknowledged that – and we’re not going to let that go. But doing nothing is not an option. Governor, I look forward to working with you and with our legislators – the House, the Senate Republicans, Democrats – I want to work together. We have an opportunity and the Governor, look he’s in a tough spot. He’s the only Governor with a divided legislature in this country. And it’s going to take a lot of hard work to be part of the solution. We know this is not an easy thing to do – but I’m excited and I’m optimistic.”

Philip Ameris, President Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania: “Governor Shapiro has been a steadfast advocate for Pennsylvania workers and the Laborers are optimistic that his energy plan for Pennsylvania will create more opportunity. We look forward to working with his administration and the legislature to get this done.”

Ryan N. Boyer, Business Manager of the Laborers District Council of Philadelphia: “Governor Shapiro is committed to doing right by Pennsylvania workers and his proposed energy plan will put our members to work building the energy projects of the future, like hydrogen, nuclear, and other clean energy sources. We remain committed to working with his Administration and the Pennsylvania general assembly to pass this commonsense energy legislation.”

Jim Snell, Manager of Steamfitters Local 420: “Governor Shapiro’s energy proposal is centered around protecting and creating good, family sustaining jobs — his plan lays out a path to create nearly 15,000 energy jobs and solidify Pennsylvania’s role as an energy leader in the USA. We are optimistic and excited about what this commonsense plan means for workers and we’re committed to being a partner in getting it done.”


Reiner Wolfs, Vice President and General Manager, Northeast U.S., DHL Express: “DHL is committed to running a zero-emission fleet, and fully meeting that goal will require clean electricity to power our vehicles. We welcome Pennsylvania’s plans to significantly increase renewable energy production this decade, and we commend the Commonwealth for pursuing policies that will benefit the economy by helping companies like ours meet their climate goals.”

Ryan Dalton, Senior Director and Northeast Head of External Affairs & Policy, Siemens USA: “As renewable energy generation sweeps the nation, Siemens is excited to see the Shapiro administration invite more public-private collaboration into Pennsylvania to scale renewable electricity resources to power the Commonwealth’s economy. We look forward to the build-out of this infrastructure and the opportunity for businesses, communities, workers, and consumers to see the many benefits of these crucial policies.”

Lorraine Faccenda, Plant Manager of Holcim US’ Whitehall Cement Plant: “Holcim US applauds the Shapiro administration for putting forward a plan to grow the Commonwealth’s clean energy resources and ensure that industry is powered by clean electricity. We look forward to being a manufacturing implementation partner for important policies that align with our own goal to power 100 percent of our operations with renewable energy by 2030. Bold policies and bold actions will go hand in hand to benefit the Commonwealth’s businesses, communities, and economy.”

Andrew Dempsey, Director of Climate, REI Co-op: “We fully support Governor Shapiro’s vision for a clean energy future for Pennsylvania. At REI, we believe effective government is key to achieving our shared climate goals and we applaud policies such as these that will accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy. We welcome the Shapiro administration’s proposed legislation to cut pollution while creating jobs, driving innovation, and spurring economic growth that will benefit all Pennsylvanians.”

Alli Gold Roberts, Senior Director of State Policy, Ceres: “Businesses and investors are clear-eyed about the many economic benefits of clean energy investment in Pennsylvania, and they support public policy that will bolster that investment in the Commonwealth. As federal and private funding deliver a surge of investment in renewable power and other climate solutions across the U.S., this legislation will provide a strong foundation for Pennsylvania to harness the clean energy boom.”

Mardi Ditze, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA U.S.: “As a company committed to becoming climate positive by 2030, IKEA U.S. supports policies that reduce carbon emissions. Strong, clean electricity policies in Pennsylvania will help IKEA and other companies meet our climate goals and other business objectives. Clean energy will also help power our U.S. headquarters in Conshohocken, our Pennsylvania locations, and support meeting the needs of our customers across the Commonwealth.”


Jackson Morris, Director, State Power Sector Policy, Climate & Energy at the National Resources Defense Council: “Today we’re really excited to talk a little bit about this package that is put forward – I think it is nation-leading and can deliver a lot of promise for Pennsylvania. With Governor Shapiro’s leadership on a bold carbon cap and invest program for the power sector along the lines of PACER, coupled with a recharged and ramped up clean energy standard along the lines of PRESS – we can make Pennsylvania a national leader on clean energy while creating a vibrant and equitable clean energy economy right here in the Commonwealth. As we’ve heard the Governor say: inaction is simply no longer an option. We can and must forge a path forward together that tackles climate change, protects consumers, and creates family- sustaining jobs. We are also open and eager to explore alternative approaches, such as what’s envisioned in the PACER legislation, that can deliver comparable emissions reductions, while generating vital funding to reinvest in communities across the state. We look forward to working with the Governor, the legislature, and the diverse stakeholders you’ve heard from today to pursue that possibility. We – labor, environmentalists, and consumer interests – are all in this together. Because if we don’t act now, Pennsylvania will be left behind. We need the legislature to act for Pennsylvania’s energy jobs and to ensure our energy is clean and affordable. And done right, Pennsylvania could be the first and only major net exporter of increasingly clean electricity in the nation that also has a bold carbon cap and invest program on the books.”

Pennsylvania Environmental Council President Tom Gilbert: “PEC commends Governor Shapiro for today’s announcement on his new PRESS proposal to expand our state’s outdated Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards. PEC has long advocated for enhanced requirements in a clean energy standard that would not only increase renewable deployment in our Commonwealth, but also include emerging and homegrown clean energy technologies like advanced nuclear and geothermal. Other states near and far are surpassing the Commonwealth in attracting clean energy generation, manufacturing, and investment, as well as achieving better grid diversification. They also have established requirements that will jeopardize our continued status as an energy exporter unless we proactively enact policies to help drive decarbonization of our electricity generation. The PRESS proposal is a strong start toward that end.

“The Governor’s PACER proposal reflects the conclusion of his working group (on which PEC served) that a cap-and-invest program is the most effective and efficient way to reduce emissions from the power sector. We remain certain that this is the optimal strategy to reduce emissions, benefit consumers, and create new energy jobs. PEC supports Pennsylvania’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and we are hopeful that the PACER proposal can advance meaningful dialogue with the General Assembly to advance these shared goals.

“The clean energy transition can bring tremendous benefits to Pennsylvania’s economy, communities, and environment. We applaud the Governor’s efforts to lead us to a healthier,  prosperous clean energy future.”

Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Molly Parzen: “We applaud Governor Shapiro for his announcement today of a strong Pennsylvania Reliable Energy Sustainability Standard that would put Pennsylvania back in the game to lead on clean energy. This proposal fulfills a critical campaign promise and will help Pennsylvania leverage billions of dollars of federal investment through President Biden’s affordable clean energy law to help families lower their energy bills while creating union jobs. Passing this legislation is essential to ensure that Pennsylvania is able to successfully compete for the clean energy jobs of the future. We must not lose momentum as other states and nations lead in growing clean energy industries like wind and solar. We’re calling on swift action from the legislature to make this proposal a reality.”

Evergreen Action State Program Director Justin Balik: “Today’s announcement is a promising first step to significantly scale up clean energy in the Commonwealth and we look forward to Governor Shapiro’s continued efforts in securing Pennsylvania’s leadership in the rapidly growing clean energy economy.

“In 2022, Pennsylvania only generated 3 percent of its electricity from renewable sources and 35 percent from carbon-free sources. Under this new proposal, the Commonwealth would likely increase those totals to at least 40 percent and 70 percent, respectively, by 2035. Achieving these proposed standards would not only slash emissions but also catalyze an economic boom in the state. Building out the necessary infrastructure to meet these targets will create new jobs, capture federal tax credits from the IRA, and lower energy costs for Pennsylvania consumers and businesses. 

“It’s imperative that this proposal advances in the legislature without delay. Otherwise, Pennsylvania is at risk of being left behind. Building out more clean energy will be essential for Pennsylvania to keep up with the other states in the region that are already quickly overtaking the Commonwealth in maximizing federal funds, growing their clean energy economies, and creating well-paying jobs in their communities.”


Pennsylvania House Democratic Leadership: “Tackling the growing climate crisis demands a comprehensive approach – one that balances protecting our environment, strengthening our economy and cutting costs for families. Governor Shapiro recognizes that Pennsylvania can and should be a clean energy leader, and House Democrats commend him on his leadership and for prioritizing this critical issue.

“House Democrats are committed to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening our economy and energy infrastructure, investing in our communities and cutting costs for families. Governor Shapiro has brought together many different sectors to explore how Pennsylvania can be a clean energy leader, and today’s announcement represents a step forward toward that goal. We look forward to reviewing this comprehensive plan further and working with the Shapiro Administration on this.”

Senator Jay Costa: “I applaud the Governor for restarting a conversation around energy policy in Pennsylvania. Together with stakeholders across the commonwealth, this plan meaningfully addresses three crucial priorities: jobs, the climate crisis and consumers. I look forward to discussions with our colleagues and industry leaders as we work to implement a strategy that positions us as a national leader in the energy sector.”

Senator Marty Flynn: “As a proud Pennsylvanian, I commend Governor Shapiro for his bold vision and decisive action in unveiling this comprehensive energy plan. Pennsylvania has long been a powerhouse in the energy sector, and it’s imperative that we continue to lead the way in innovation and sustainability. Governor Shapiro’s initiatives to create jobs, lower costs, and address climate change align perfectly with the needs and aspirations of our state. By championing legislation like the PACER Act and the PRESS Act, we are not only securing a prosperous future for Pennsylvania but also setting an example for the nation. I stand ready to support these crucial pieces of legislation and work alongside Governor Shapiro to ensure that Pennsylvania remains at the forefront of energy leadership. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient future for my district and all of PA.”

Representative Kyle Donahue: “For years, discussions on energy policy have been in constant back and forth between the legislature and the Governor – both previous and current – on whether Pennsylvania will participate in RGGI, what constitutes a tax versus a fee, and that list goes on. But as we stand here today, we’re no closer to enacting a 21st century energy policy than we were 5, 10, or 17 years ago. That is why I commend the Governor for convening the working group of labor, environmental and consumer advocates, and industry to develop an energy policy that meets his three-part test: protecting and creating energy jobs, taking real action to protect our environment, and ensuring reliable, affordable power for consumers. Now is the time to have this discussion. Inaction is no longer an option. We owe our children a future that provides them an environment of clean air, clean water, reliable energy sources, and an economy that works for everyone. I believe that is the goal of the Governor’s commonsense energy proposal, and I look forward to working with his Administration and my colleagues to make this proposal a reality.”

Representative Rob Matzie: “The Governor’s announcement highlights policies we have been promoting for some time, the key being an ‘all of the above’ approach when it comes to our energy mix. For me, the inclusion of emerging nuclear and fusion technology in the plan is essential and has been a key initiative I have long supported.  These proposals will create good energy jobs, promote opportunities for technologies that will deliver power while reducing their carbon footprint, and – most importantly – maintain our status as a net exporter of energy. To put it simply, good jobs, cleaner air, keep the lights on. We have a history of doing big things in Pennsylvania. With the best, most skilled workforce in the country and an abundance of natural resources, we may be on the cusp of our next big thing. My committee looks forward to working on these important policies and to bring about consensus.”

Scranton Mayor Paige Cognetti: “You hear a lot, of course, about energy security in northeastern Pennsylvania – all of Pennsylvania has been about energy. That’s what we were built on, is energy. I think that might be a reason the Governor’s here for this announcement today. But I take solace every day that we have a Governor in Harrisburg who is talking about and thinking about Pennsylvania families. He’s thinking about job opportunities and what that looks like for the future, and he’s thinking about energy security, not just in Pennsylvania, but in the United States.”

Patrick Cicero, Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate: “Governor Shapiro, when he was then the Attorney General, nominated and appointed me to this position in 2021. One of the key roles in my job as consumer advocate is to fight for Pennsylvanians facing challenges with their utility and energy bills. This is no simple task. It requires a focus on the present crisis of affordability while looking to the future to ensure that households have reliable access to energy. That’s why I was pleased when Governor Shapiro asked me to be a part of the working group to explore the challenges and opportunities posed by the cap-and-invest program here in Pennsylvania. Along with energy industry leaders, organized labor, and environmental groups, we came to some consensus – which is no small feat either. We came to the consensus that we needed to ensure that consumer interests, environmental interests, and labor interests were all equally protected. Today’s announcement makes that vision one step closer to reality. I look forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly on this as we move forward. Lower utility bills, more reliable entering industry, more jobs and cleaner air – that’s a win in my book. I urge the General Assembly to act on the bills that are before it – as well as PACER and PRESS.”

Stephen DeFrank, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: “The PUC stands ready to work with Governor Shapiro’s Administration and the General Assembly to implement a comprehensive energy policy. We are at a very critical point in energy transition for our state, our nation and globally and it’s incumbent upon all parties to work together to develop new solutions. The Commission has implemented provisions of the AEPS Act for two decades, and we understand it is time to take the next positive and important step for this Commonwealth, while giving our consumers a voice in the process.”

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