ICYMI: Chemical Manufacturer Chemstream Inc. Agrees to Complete and Total Transparency of Proprietary Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Production, in Line with Shapiro Administration’s Collaboration with CNX

Chemstream Inc. becomes the first service provider to fully comply with the historic collaboration and disclose proprietary chemicals used in natural gas production.


The announcement comes following the Shapiro Administration’s new policy requiring natural gas operators to publicly disclose chemicals they use earlier in the well development process.

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, leading chemical manufacturer and distribution company Chemstream Inc. agreed to fully comply with the first-of-its-kind collaboration between Governor Josh Shapiro and CNX Resources Corporation disclosing information about all of its proprietary chemicals, including those used in natural gas drilling.

Previously, companies would withhold the details of certain chemicals because they classified those details as “trade secrets.” Chemstream’s announcement today means those details would now be released publicly for chemicals used both in Pennsylvania and in other states across the country.

This announcement comes after the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) implemented a new policy that will require all operators to publicly disclose chemicals they use in drilling and hydraulic fracturing earlier in the well development process.

As a result of the announcement by Chemstream and CNX, the public will now have unprecedented access to chemical data used in oil and gas development by Chemstream, which will no longer list chemicals with components as “proprietary” in disclosures.

These actions, which address several recommendations of the 43rd Statewide Investigating Grand Jury, demonstrate how industry, government, and public advocates can find common ground and collaborate to keep people safe and move Pennsylvania forward.

“It has long been a priority for environmental advocates, community leaders, and Pennsylvanians in communities across the Commonwealth to know exactly what chemicals are being used in the natural gas drilling process. Chemstream is a significant provider of those chemicals and well pad services in Pennsylvania and around the country — and they have agreed to total and complete transparency of those chemicals, in line with our collaboration with CNX,” said Governor Josh Shapiro. “My Administration has been aggressively engaging with other companies to join with CNX and Chemstream for greater transparency, and to better protect public health and safety.”

The Shapiro Administration is setting a new standard for Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry to be produced responsibly and sustainably by bringing state government and the industry to the table while ensuring the health and safety of Pennsylvania communities. The historic collaboration with CNX demonstrates that Pennsylvania can maintain its central role in the nation’s energy economy while reducing pollution, ensuring health and safety, and protecting jobs in the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania.

Read more about the historic CNX environmental collaboration here.

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