Get Stuff Done

Governor Shapiro's Accomplishments

Governor Josh Shapiro is getting stuff done in his first year in office, traveling across the Commonwealth as he works to create real opportunity and advance real freedom in Pennsylvania. Governor Shapiro has laid out a commonsense agenda since Day One, and he is already delivering results for Pennsylvanians. 


Since taking office, Governor Shapiro has visited 37 counties, meeting and listening to Pennsylvanians from all walks of life, from small business owners to teachers, first responders to barbers, and farmers to nurses. 

See how the Governor is GSD in your community:

The Shapiro Administration’s signature accomplishments:

Creating Economic Opportunity

Building Big in Pennsylvania

Making Government Work for You

Lowering Costs for Families

Helping Students Chart their Own Course

Investing in Safer Communities for All

Ensuring the Justice System Works

Safeguarding Our Land, Water & Air

Supporting Pennsylvania's Farmers

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Holding Corporations Accountable