Submit a PSP Right-to-Know Request

All U.S. citizens have the right to request public records. If you want to request law enforcement records or data, you can submit a request in writing using the PSP or Office of Open Records (OOR) form.

About submitting a request

Follow the steps on this page to request PSP records under Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law.

PSP regulations and manuals are already available

PSP has made most administrative regulations, field regulations, and operations manuals available for download. Visit the Regulations and Manuals page.

Find out what’s required to access records

Review the full RTK policy regarding requests, responses, fees, and appeals.

More RTK information

Download information on the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.

Download the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office Management Directive 205.35.

Submitting your request

Start by downloading the PSP form or Office of Open Records form.


All requests must:

  • Be in writing, using one of the forms: PSP or OOO.
  • Specifically identify or describe the records being sought.
  • Include a name and address, to which the response will be sent.
  • Be from a legal resident of the U.S.

Send your request

Once completed, your request can be sent to PSP by mail, email, fax, or delivered in person.

By mail:

PSP Bureau of Records & Identification
ATTN: Agency Open Records Officer, Mr. William Rozier
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110

By email or fax: 717-525-5795

In person to:

PSP Department Headquarters
Agency Open Records Officer, Mr. William Rozier
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg PA 17110

Monday-Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Investigative reports, but they may be available by subpoena
  • Criminal History records, but you may request a Criminal History Background Check
  • Records from other states or local government agencies

Audio and video recordings, but they may be available through a request for audio and video recordings.

For any request that seeks PSP records involving covert law enforcement investigations, including intelligence gathering and analysis, the Department can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such records. The Department’s response to an RTK request should not be interpreted otherwise. Such records, should they exist, are entirely exempt from public disclosure under the PA Right-to-Know Law (65 P.S. §§ 67.101-67.3104) and the Criminal History Record Information Act (18 Pa.C.S. §§ 9101-9183).

If an RTK request is granted, the following fees will be charged to the requestor:

  • $0.25 per page for duplication (waived if under $5 or copied on your own equipment);
  • $2 per record certification;
  • Actual cost of postage, FAX or other media, and for duplication of specialized records (postage fees under $1 will be waived);

The requestor must pay all fees before access to requested records is provided. If it is determined the fees will exceed $100, payment is required before the request is processed.

Fees for duplication are established by the Office of Open Records. Call 1-877-785-7771 with fee-related questions.

All appeals should be addressed to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records:

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records
333 Market Street, 16th Floor
Harrisburg PA 17101-2234

Phone: 717-346-9903

For assistance

If you have questions about submitting a PSP right-to-know request, call the PSP Right-to-Know Law Office at 1-877-785-7771.