Request a Municipal or Regional Police Speed Enforcement Agreement

Agency directors or chiefs who wish to conduct speed enforcement on a limited access or divided highway should download an agreement form and submit the completed form to their local PSP station.


A municipal or regional police agency chief or director can enter into an intergovernmental agreement with PSP to enforce speed restrictions on a limited access or divided highway in their jurisdiction.

Such agreements are in accordance with Title 75, Vehicle Code, Section 6109(a)(11).

Request procedure

  1. The agency head should download and complete the appropriate form for a full-time or part-time agency.
  2. The form should be signed and dated.
  3. Mail or deliver the completed, signed form to the PSP Station responsible for the geographic location of the highway where the speed enforcement is to occur.

If approved, the form will signed by the Bureau of Patrol director and returned by mail.

A separate agreement form should be submitted for each highway the agency wishes to enforce speed restrictions.

For PSP Station contact information, visit the Troop Directory.