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Learn about forming and registering your business online, and how to complete other types of business filings.


Register your business and file other types of business-related forms quickly and easily using our online Business Filing Services site.

The Department of State’s Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations (BCCO) makes an array of forms available in its Business Filing Services portal to help you find and file your necessary documents.

Filing online is the easiest, simplest way to get your documents processed in a timely manner.

Business registration forms

  • Register a for-profit entity
  • Register a nonprofit entity
  • Reserve a business name

Other business-related forms

  • Register a trademark, service mark, or insignia
  • Amend or convert a current business entity
  • Register a foreign association to do business in PA


For Diverse Business Owners

Discover resources for woman-owned, veteran-owned, or other diverse small business owners in Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will be able to print copies yourself from your BFS account.

You can search our database of registered business names.

Yes, every domestic and foreign company must have a registered office address, which is a street address in Pennsylvania where you can receive mail (P.O. boxes are not permitted). If your company has no store front operations associated with a street mailing address, it may use the services of a Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP).

The only filing types not required to have a Pennsylvania address are trademarks and fictitious names.

No, the Department cannot offer advice to filers about their choice of business organization. It strongly recommends that entrepreneurs consult with legal and financial advisers before submitting any filings to the Department.

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You can email us with general questions about business association filings at, about certifications, and about Uniform Commercial Code filings

To submit registration forms or to refile rejected documents, go to the Business Filing Services portal.

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