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What is the Inmate Apology Bank?

Learn more about the Inmate Apology Bank.

Inmate Apology Bank

The Inmate Apology Bank (IAB) was created for victims/survivors of crime who are interested in receiving an apology letter from the offender in their case. The IAB allows for offenders who wish to write a letter of apology to do so without violating any no contact rules.

All apology letters are received by OVA and carefully reviewed for appropriateness before notifying you that one is on file. At that time, you can determine if/when you receive the apology letter and how you would prefer to receive it.

It is important to note that OVA will never forward an apology letter without your consent or if there is an active Protection from Abuse Order.

Writing an apology letter is voluntary and has no effect on incarceration, release date and/or parole supervision.

If you would like more information about the IAB program or are interested in receiving an apology letter, should one be submitted, please call or email us. 

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