Apply to Become a Certified Act 235 Lethal Weapons Instructor

If you want to apply to become a certified instructor for a Lethal Weapons Training school, complete the online application.

Instructor certification

All training under the Lethal Weapons Training Act must be performed by certified instructors.

There are three ratings of certified instructors:

  • Academic instructor rating
  • Skills instructor rating
  • Firearms instructor rating  

PA Code Title 37, Chapter 21, § 21.41 establishes criteria for each rating category. Eligible applicants may choose to be certified in any or all the categories.

Follow the steps below to apply for certification. 

Apply online

Complete an online instructor application using the TACS System. Log in using your last name, date of birth, and full social security number. Once you are in the system, select the Home Act 235 button and select the Instructor Application. Scroll down to select “Start Application”.

Review the minimum requirements for each type of instructor certification located in the Act 235 regulations §21.41. Provide all required information, upload required documents, and submit when finished.


Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automated email from Identogo/Morphotrust with instructions for scheduling your fingerprint session. 

You must be fingerprinted at one of the approved IdentoGO locations.


You will be notified of the status of your application and provided instructions for further action.


The fee for fingerprinting is $22.60.