Apply for Enrollment in Pennsylvania State Police Forensic Training Courses

If you'd like to enroll in Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) forensic training courses, you can view upcoming courses, download and complete your application, and submit it by mail or email.

Who can take PSP forensic training?

If you are a law enforcement officer assigned to forensic-related duties, you can apply to take these free courses.

Officers currently assigned to, or anticipating an assignment to a forensic role, may apply. Applications will be reviewed by the Bureau of Forensic Services to determine eligibility.

You will receive a confirmation or denial email within 15 business days.

Courses, costs and credits

Forensic Training Courses

  • Basic Crime Scene Photography
  • Basic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Basic Latent Print Identification
  • Shoe & Tire Impression Evidence
  • Latent Print Photography
  • Advanced Latent Print Techniques
  • Advanced Latent Print Identification
  • Advanced Crime Scene Photography

Some courses may have prerequisite training listed on the course schedule.

Training Location

Unless otherwise noted, most courses are held at:

Bureau of Forensic Services
1800 Herr Street
Harrisburg PA 17103

Related costs and equipment

Forensic training courses are free. Lodging and meals are not provided. Some classes require equipment or supplies, which the student must bring. These requirements are listed in the course schedule.


Some courses are approved for certification training credits by the IAI Crime Scene Certification Board. These credit hours will be listed on the course schedule.

Contact us

You can email or mail your application to us.

Your completed application form may be sent by email or mailed to:

PA State Police – Bureau of Forensic Services
Training & Technical Support Section – Course Registration
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110