Apply for Commercial Vehicle Weighing and Measurement Training

If you want to attend this in-person course, download and complete the application, and email it.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Division (CVSD) offers free training for police officers

Other costs and supplies

Lodging, transportation, and meals are not provided.

Items needed for class will be noted in the course details.

Course Details

This course is designed to certify officers in the use of commercial vehicle size and weight measuring equipment as required by the Pennsylvania vehicle code.

Course objectives include:

  • Guidance on proper size and weight measuring
  • Proper equipment operation
  • Legal review of cases involving size and weight enforcement
  • Vehicle code review regarding size, weight and load

Program requirements:

  • Full attendance
  • Successful completion of course, including passage of written test

Two classes are usually held annually in:

  • Harrisburg, Dauphin County
  • Cranberry Township, Butler County

Check the latest application for dates, locations and full class description.

Attendees will need to bring supplies for taking notes, a calculator, and a blank USB drive.

Email your application

Submit your completed application by emailing the CVSD.